Mimi - Cat Model Extraordinaire

Mimi is a mostly outdoor cat that lives across the street. She has the mentality of a dog though and is outgoing and not adverse to propositioning everyone who walks by for a belly rub.

I was outside washing the car and she trotted over to do what she thinks are her best cat modeling/belly-rub-tempting poses but this time I had a camera in my car to capture it. Cats are so fun to photograph, my dog could not be less bothered..but he has instagram anyway ;) Werk it Mimi.


+yes she was paid in belly rubs for her work ;)

Leaders of the Pack

Just when the fashion blogging field became saturated and readers were spoiled for choice...I got bored. The number of style-centric blogs I was reading plummeted to just a handful that kept me inspired instead of feeling blah or wanting to over-consume things. These are my few favorites which I'm still reading for their classic style {which appeals to me} or just their fun, original photography; in case you're looking for something new to read!:

+Trini {Madrid, Spain} // my go-to, super classic style

+The Time is Grey {Los Angeles, California} // very cool mixes of American Apparel and vintage

+Harper & Harley {Sydney, Australia} // polished neutrals that are never boring

+Fancy Pants {Cape Town, South Africa} // pretty style photos but absolutely dreamy pro photoshoots from this photographer

+4th + bleeker {New York, NY} // when she posts it's brilliant, when she doesn't...well, thank god for instagram

+We are 365 {Stockholm, Sweden} // two sisters I've been reading for years with the most adventuresome way with a camera

+Jasmine {Brisbane, Australia} // my favorite for inspiration, she dresses as cool as the graphics she creates, I want everything

+Linn Hansson {Stockhom, Sweden} // a photographer for biggies like Angelica Blick, Linn recently started her own blog with her unique take on style and great inspiration posts

+Shine by Three {Sydney, Australia} // well-known blogger but I've stayed for the constant creativity, superb photography and the funny writing

+Coco & Vera {Vancouver, Canada} // everyone has to follow one French-girl-style blog, this is my pick

Vaguely Important People

This is such a good tumblr when you need a good laugh:

Vaguely Important People


The Brooklyn artist, Catherine Pearson, works at an Isabel Marant store by day and on off-days she goes into her studio to paint or create these hilarious pieces.

In her own words: "I started because I was going through a period of feeling stuck in my studioand then I started going back to life drawing classes and just had so much fun. And I've always had a terrible sense of humor, so over rose with friends we developed this idea. Virginia Woolf-erine was first."


Magazines...Still Here

magazines magazine rack sneakers plants interior corner.jpg

I don't usually collect things. And I don't read a tremendous amount of magazines. I mean magazines and blogs are supposed to be dead I've read ;) But I do tend to hold on to my T Magazine {out of the New York Times} and my WSJ Saturday Magazine {out of the Wall Street Journal}. I actually read back through them for inspiration. Sure with the intellectual/off-beat articles you also get a healthy dose of pretension and $495 shirts being called affordable {cough, cough} but still...the good outweighs the bad and silly. Here's some good articles from this month. They share almost everything online anyway so they're a nice read wherever you are:

Inside a Homey Design Firm {WSJ Magazine}

The 1/2-Century Long Renovation of the Versailles of Latvia {T Magazine}

How Jagger and Supermodels Learn Their Moves from This Guy {WSJ Magazine}

Look They Knew How to Take Fun Photos Before Instagram! {T Magazine}

Ski Shoes

After beating up my ballet flats pretty good I decided to replace one pair with something different. I got these from Zara Kids so they do have hidden velcro instead of buckles (OK, that’s a little embarrassing) and apparently children no longer have grip on the bottom of their shoes because I went down the dog ramp like a pro skier. But they’re a little bit different from my norm and I like them. Alright, that’s all I can talk about fashion before I’m bored.

I was thinking of a way to “vignette” these as we see all too often on Instagram (I have too many thoughts on that subject, that deserves its own post and it will have one) when I decided to just stick these on my dresser with how it looks in real life. Erm…that’s a polar bear, not rat ;) …it was a present, ha!

Closet Edit/ The Closet is Clean {not curated*}

Finally a wrap-up of the closet edit for now:

For the last month I've been doing the ol' turning-your-hanger-when-you-wore-it thing to see what I'm actually wearing. Since I've become a student again and work in a less formal environment, plus just the natural change with time, my style's changed. It's always good to reassess when you feel a shift in what you're wearing.

Doing a complete overview of everything would probably be too lengthy so I thought rewriting the "rules" I followed would summarize things most succinctly. I do notice that I buy a lot less clothing. I feel like I've finally honed in on the best silhouettes for me, what my truest style "uniform" looks like and identified my problem areas that kept my wardrobe cluttered. So I've included my new guidelines and suggestions for cleaning out my closet least I find myself slipping up in the future :)

The New Guidelines

Here's how I would write the steps after completing the clean-out:

1. Take everything out of the closet. Everything. If you haven't worn it in 6 months, it doesn't fit, etc. it goes to Goodwill or in the trash.

2. Making a Pinterest/moodboard of outfits you like will help but don't use it as an end-all or a shopping list. Do not make a list of things you think you need, especially based of your lists and moodboards, and then go out and buy them. I collected quite a few things that were aspirational but didn't fit into my daily wardrobe! A waste of money. Use your wardrobe; what do you reach for repeatedly that's not there? Buy that.

You do not need to stick to a color palette you create in Photoshop (though you might have one naturally, just look in your closet after your clean-out). Instead pay attention to what you do wear and like in your wardrobe. Let your "uniform" shape itself. If you like the look of something (i.e. a button-up tucked into high-waist shorts) do not buy many many multiples and options. Find a couple dependable that really reflect the style you're going for (and they don't need to be splurges, I splurged on nothing here) and rely on them.

3. Go through your closet again a little while later. You'll remove fewer things but there are still a few things leftover that should go. It's good to periodically conduct a clear-out. If you start to feel like there's a shift where things aren't being worn use something like turning your hangers around on your worn clothes and make sure you're actually wearing what you have in there.


There's a lot of emphasis on "the perfect wardrobe," etc. but that's nonsense. You may hone in on your style (though I think finding the shapes and silhouettes that flatter you most will give you more mileage) but there's no such thing as a perfect piece. There's not a piece that everyone must have in their wardrobe. Sure some things you'll hang on to forever. But your style will change, if only subtly, and you will want new pieces. So loading up on a certain item (i.e. midi skirts) or splurging on an item (i.e. all the lists say I need a tailored black blazer $$$ and expensive, perfect black pumps $$$) doesn't make sense for everyone. It certainly didn't for me or my lifestyle. Accumulating 25 midi skirts because you like them that season and then later have to dump them once you're sick of the trend or they don't fit into your casual lifestyle sucks because it's a waste of money.

So keep it lean in your closet, take it slow and make it personal (even if patience is not one of your virtues ;) and stay on track!


*will the term curated please fade out