Before Sunrise


Since becoming buddies nine years ago, my dog likes to keep things fresh and surprising. Like recently, he decided to push the boundaries on the fact that I'm a morning person by becoming nocturnal and waking me up between 4-5 a.m. with crazy fits of energy. I have now seen the beginning of way too many sunrises. But I have also been able to fit in lots more reading, which I thought I'd share!


That's 11,000-square feet of seven million fabrics right there in an old Hudson Valley mill...but it's kind of a secret. Because you're only allowed into this space if you're a designer.



YSL, 1970s

YSL, 1970s

Fabrics from 1750 to the present are housed here for rental, purchase or just inspiration. Everything from Frank Lloyd Wright to anonymously designed Asian and tribal fabrics is on hand.

Fabrics from 1750 to the present are housed here for rental, purchase or just inspiration. Everything from Frank Lloyd Wright to anonymously designed Asian and tribal fabrics is on hand.


The director of the library, Peter Koepke, started his career as an art dealer. Canoeing up streams for Amazonian artifacts and then shipping his hard-gotten finds off to private collectors and museums. But then in the 1980's between Peru's civil war and his new wife who "wasn't keen on paddling small boats through civil wars in South America" he traded it all in and landed here.

The Design Library sees clothing, furniture and paper designers from Alexander McQueen, Ralph Lauren, Nike, Calvin Klein, H&M, Patagonia, Lands' End and more. If they want a fabric (it's $300 - $400) you can lease it for 1-3 years or buy it; but you can never, ever resell it. That means only one person at a time has a certain fabric and they can use it, change its color or just stare at it for inspiration :) Now that is extreme recycling!



Article found here // photography by Matthew Mahaney

Closet Edit // Spring Clean

This is Joan Didion's quick packing list. I like how concise and decided she is on her essentials. It's how I'd like my closet to be: organized, reflective of me and definitely not over-filled.

Joan Didion

Joan Didion

In a bit of a mad fit I finally went through my closet again + ruthlessly through the shoes. Progress has been made and I feel like I'm finally closing in on this whole project (then I'll just have to keep up good habits)! Spurring me on is my looming move in June; I'm going to have a smaller space (and closet). And also my good friend Cee has joined me on this "closet edit." I thought I'd put down some of the things that have helped me most and then not talk about closets for a little while...because it makes me feel really shallow ;) So:

01. Be absolutely ruthless. I only sorted through my closet on days that I really felt like it. I never forced it. When I was motivated and sick of clutter, I was the most concise and successful. It helped me move past any attachments or hopes of one day using something in there.

02. The box. I've always kept a little bin at the bottom of my closet and when I keep passing over something, I toss it in there (using the old turn-the-hanger around trick helps get you to fill the box too if need be)! If I haven't given it a thought in 3-6 months (or whatever feels right) it gets donated.

OK, well I only have two tips. I'm sure there's more tips floating around on the internet but it's a closet not anything serious and these two things have seen me through the process :)

Closet Edit // The Actual Closet

Who knew it was the actual closet space that was going to stump me? I've started to think about the reorganization of my closet now that I'm halfway through culling through it; it's become the most difficult part! I naively didn't realize just how expensive good closet organization systems are. I mean $$$ and out of budget. Plus when you search "small closet...." you don't actually retrieve small closet results meaning the inspiration out there is kind of limited.


And so I sat down and thought about what I wanted.

1. I want space for my shoes but since they're mostly ballet flats a shoe rack won't cut it. I also have folding doors so I can't use over-the-door organizers and I want easy access to them.

2. I don't fold many things, nearly everything hangs, so rods and at least a double rod on half of the closet would best utilize the space.

3. I'm not the greatest fan of the canvas hanging organizers I have now. They tend to bow with little weight (and I have thick ones). I like that they allow me to see everything but I think they look a little too messy even when they're not being overstuffed.

4. I have a pretty small closet so I need to achieve this in a small space. Plus there's a big hot pipe on the one side; nothing can go near that..... : /


I'm not decided on anything yet but I think I'm getting closer to a solution. And of course I still need to sort through summer clothes {still cold here, ahh!}, do a second cull and sort through shoes. Perhaps a "patience is a virtue" poster should be what's in my closet ;)

First photo via wide eyed legless, second collage from uncredited pinterest pins

Worn // Dungarees

Macy's dungarees / J.Crew striped thermal / Asos Lennox ankle strap flats

OK, to be fair I know I look like a jerk because I'm wearing dungarees and I'm way over the age of say...8. Especially, when I live around so many farms and people driving their tractors (and once a crop duster...) in the road and I show up at the gas station with people who use overalls to work and I'm like, "Oh hey. Fashion." But in my defense they are insanely comfortable so.... ;)

Closet Edit // Shoes


My closet edit is still a work in progress. I haven't done a second culling, the summer clothes are still packed away and will need to be sorted and the actual closet hasn't been reorganized. Most glaringly I forgot about shoes even though I am very much a "shoe person"...and they hang right in front of my face in the closet. Oops.

I know what my faults are there. I buy them when they're pretty, then I wear the same couple of flats. I've managed to stop buying shoes I won't wear but in fact, I'm finding shoe culling to be more difficult than clothes culling. As this is my stumbling block (I most definitely am wearing only 20% of my shoe closet) and I need the space I think it's time I turn the shoes around after they've been worn to reveal what I'm actually using. Funny how sometimes we can't see things that are right in front of our face! The next time I report back hopefully I'll have had a nice ruthless shoe day and be on to the summer clothes sorting!


{L-R: Zara leopard sandals, Zara ballet flats, Asos ballet flats, Asos Lennox ankle strap flats}