Closet Edit // The Actual Closet

Who knew it was the actual closet space that was going to stump me? I've started to think about the reorganization of my closet now that I'm halfway through culling through it; it's become the most difficult part! I naively didn't realize just how expensive good closet organization systems are. I mean $$$ and out of budget. Plus when you search "small closet...." you don't actually retrieve small closet results meaning the inspiration out there is kind of limited.


And so I sat down and thought about what I wanted.

1. I want space for my shoes but since they're mostly ballet flats a shoe rack won't cut it. I also have folding doors so I can't use over-the-door organizers and I want easy access to them.

2. I don't fold many things, nearly everything hangs, so rods and at least a double rod on half of the closet would best utilize the space.

3. I'm not the greatest fan of the canvas hanging organizers I have now. They tend to bow with little weight (and I have thick ones). I like that they allow me to see everything but I think they look a little too messy even when they're not being overstuffed.

4. I have a pretty small closet so I need to achieve this in a small space. Plus there's a big hot pipe on the one side; nothing can go near that..... : /


I'm not decided on anything yet but I think I'm getting closer to a solution. And of course I still need to sort through summer clothes {still cold here, ahh!}, do a second cull and sort through shoes. Perhaps a "patience is a virtue" poster should be what's in my closet ;)

First photo via wide eyed legless, second collage from uncredited pinterest pins

Worn // Dungarees

Macy's dungarees / J.Crew striped thermal / Asos Lennox ankle strap flats

OK, to be fair I know I look like a jerk because I'm wearing dungarees and I'm way over the age of say...8. Especially, when I live around so many farms and people driving their tractors (and once a crop duster...) in the road and I show up at the gas station with people who use overalls to work and I'm like, "Oh hey. Fashion." But in my defense they are insanely comfortable so.... ;)

Closet Edit // Shoes


My closet edit is still a work in progress. I haven't done a second culling, the summer clothes are still packed away and will need to be sorted and the actual closet hasn't been reorganized. Most glaringly I forgot about shoes even though I am very much a "shoe person"...and they hang right in front of my face in the closet. Oops.

I know what my faults are there. I buy them when they're pretty, then I wear the same couple of flats. I've managed to stop buying shoes I won't wear but in fact, I'm finding shoe culling to be more difficult than clothes culling. As this is my stumbling block (I most definitely am wearing only 20% of my shoe closet) and I need the space I think it's time I turn the shoes around after they've been worn to reveal what I'm actually using. Funny how sometimes we can't see things that are right in front of our face! The next time I report back hopefully I'll have had a nice ruthless shoe day and be on to the summer clothes sorting!


{L-R: Zara leopard sandals, Zara ballet flats, Asos ballet flats, Asos Lennox ankle strap flats}

The History of (Isadora Duncan)

I have to admit, the reason I remember Isadora Duncan so clearly is that her stylish trademark {super long silk scarves} led to an untimely death. But still, reading up on her led to many more interesting facets of her character. While she died young it's amazing to see how much living {and how many ups-and-downs} she squeezed into her short life. Some quick sketches and bullet points on Isadora:

Isadora Duncan was born in San Francisco in 1877. She started giving dance lessons after her father lost his bank and the family fell into financial straits. Eventually dance brought her to New York City but even the Big Apple wasn't enough to keep her occupied. Bored, she moved to London where she took dance inspiration from the Greek art she found in rich people's drawing rooms and in museums.

Isadora became the mother of modern dance after she turned away from the rigidness of ballet in favor of free-flowing Grecian gowns, long scarves and fluid movements. Her proteges were called "Isadorables"!

Her {ahead of its time} hippie-like lifestyle led her to have two children out-of-wedlock. Both drowned in 1913 in a car accident in the Seine River in Paris. Isadora was so despondent that she immediately begged a stranger to sleep with her so that she could have another baby {the stranger turned out to be a renowned Italian sculptor; the baby died shortly after birth}.

Next she briefly married poet Sergei Yesenin. He was 18 years younger and neither knew the other's language. They split after three years, he married Tolstoy's granddaughter and killed himself that same year.


By then stylish Isadora had become more known for her money problems, love life...and public drunkenness. While in Nice, France she got into a car wearing one of her trademark long silk scarves. It wound around a wheel and broke her neck. She was 50.

Today, you can still find a dance company bearing her name and Isadorables.

Country Gowns


I've certainly never been near anything as beautiful as all those Oscar gowns the other week {Naomi Watts' was my favorite} but there's still plenty of big dresses out here in Pennsylvania. Instead of listening to the medical history of 1860's war {my stomach is not strong enough for that} I got distracted by all the twirling dresses and saturated clothing...and my sister's hat.