I'm Addicted to Puns (sorry)

I know I did a post on puns and famous people not too long ago {here}...apparently I have an addiction to them. But I can justify this. These are different. They're with animals. This first one has been my desktop wallpaper for awhile now but I'd love these hanging in my office too!

Frida Clements is the author. Her website and shop are right here but to read through them best I recommend visiting her tumblr page here. Hilarious!


The concept came about when Seattle-based illustrator, Frida, challenged herself to put her art more out there. 

In her own words: "This past winter I decided to make an effort to be more social with likeminded artistic types, as I work from home and rarely talk to anyone but cats & kids."

After a missed artists meet-up things fell into place: "Once I got home, I decided that there was no reason I couldn’t just sketch for fun by my damn self.... So I drew a whale. I thought about my night. I thought about my life. I thought about my random brain that can’t keep anything straight. I said to my husband, “OH WHALE.” I laughed and laughed at how clever I was and hand-lettered OH WHALE in all caps under my drawing.

"The rest is history. I am now addicted to puns. 
And I have yet to make it to sketch night."

We're Not Perfect

All photos and captions taken from @witinreallife

All photos and captions taken from @witinreallife

When I click over to the popular posts on bloglovin, which I rarely do now because it's anxiety-inducing, it's usually filled with the top stories of how you can look better, blog better, what items are supposed to be in your closet/makeup bag, etc. I can only guess that most of us feel inadequate in some way and people want to capture our attention by telling us the "secrets" to be better.

I know that professionally, (ok and maybe even personally sometimes), I suffer from impostor syndrome. Not just feeling insecure and inadequate but feeling like an utter fake and hoping to god no one notices.

It can be crippling and it can hold you back. Then I came across Amy Cuddy's TED talk about power posing and that familiar impostor syndrome ("I'm not supposed to be here, I hope no one finds me out!!"). It went viral awhile ago but I live under a rock. The basic premise is to strike powerful poses (think Wonder Woman) and you'll start to actually feel powerful and confident.

+Here's her incredible full-length 20-minute talk.

+Here's the gist in 30-seconds if you're low on time.


Coming right on the heels of that I listened to Kate Arends Peters' podcast with Jess Lively. Their conversation centered on authenticity and the crushing power that perfectionism can have on you. Understanding the whys of the behavior was eye-opening and healing.

Here's that great podcast but if you don't have time to listen to the 40-minute talk right now I'm listing what I took away from it so I can work on it myself:


  • Perfectionism is like an armor of the softer more vulnerable parts of yourself. Accept the fact that you're not perfect.


  • Our values are subjective and reflect a certain period of our life. Values can change, it doesn't mean you were wrong, it was just where you were in your life then.


  • Look at where you've been and where you're going with respect.


  • Recognize when you're using shaming techniques/being a perfectionist. Let your inner voice be self-caring rather than critical. It's more rewarding to treat yourself that way.


  • Anything in your life can go away. It's a "sandcastle." Be OK with that. Enjoy things without holding onto them like you need them.


  • When you're dealing with criticism or ego be like water hit by a pebble. It ripples and then it goes steady. Let it roll off.


  • When you're a little scared and you put yourself out there- that's when the best results come.

Kate's given quite a few great open interviews like this. Beneath all the perfect instagrams that so many people share are moments like these in this post. (You just spent 30-minutes arranging objects and photographing them; the casual accompanying caption of "breakfast in bed" or whatever isn't fooling anyone. You don't need to be living some perfect, curated {gahhhh that word} life).

That's why I love her husband's twitter Wit in Real Life which is a behind the scenes of what many perfect instagram accounts look like. I know social media isn't to blame for everything but somewhere along the way I think it did add pressure (subconsciously, more than not) that we were supposed to be living a shiny problem-free adventure of a life. We know it's all staged but the idea often overshadows that. We're not perfect. It's OK.

The Yellow Mansion {of course it's haunted}

This isn't even the front entrance, what?!!! Can you imagine having that as your SIDE entrance!

This isn't even the front entrance, what?!!! Can you imagine having that as your SIDE entrance!


Last month, when the weather was still fine, I went to an outdoor concert. Beatles impersonators actually, ha! But I was so far back I couldn't see anything/hear that well, plus I'd heard there was a historic mansion not far from the amphitheater so I disappeared for a few to find it.

It's typically only open for people's weddings, but I think they should share it with people who aren't getting married too. I quietly snapped some photos through the windows to get a peak!

A few days after that I was researching the place and kept coming across haunted ghost stories. Apparently they temporarily closed the third floor since it's so haunted staff refuse to go up there. The best news though was that they actually DO open the mansion up to the public...in October for haunted tours. Now I just need to find the courage to attend one because I'm a real baby about those kinds of things!

I found a few even cooler things nearby {think abandoned starlight glasshouse pool} but I need to edit those photos upcoming soon!


Denial, It's Not Just a River in Egypt

Sure, the fall chill is fun for a little while. But it leads to winter; it's guilty by association. I just can't join everyone in being excited about cozying up in warm sweaters by the fireplace. My fireplace doesn't even work. So excuse me while you pry summer out of my desperate grip. I don't want the warm breeze and the pretty flowers to go.

ps. It's really hard to not look like an idiot while riding your bike and getting a photo.

pps. I promise I'll stop complaining about the weather once it's spring ;)

Oh yes, bear with me as I clean up posts and the blog since I redesigned it :) I'm working on it!